About Us

Founded in 2004 by experts in the HVAC manufacturing and engineering industry, Ezenics, Inc. is an experienced global leader in automated commissioning technologies, scalable enterprise facility optimization solutions, and energy management solutions. For over a decade, Ezenics has been building, implementing, and continually evolving its sophisticated platform and providing expert consulting to clients spanning a variety of industry verticals, portfolio sizes, and configurations, focused on significantly reducing energy, maintenance, equipment, and labor costs. Utilizing the Ezenics suite of solutions to continuously and proactively identify low-cost, high-value opportunities, partners and clients continue to capitalize on them in a substantial way.

Since the company’s founding, Ezenics’s operational growth has been self-sustained and funded organically, managed by the executive team and driven by sound execution without requiring outside investment. Ezenics also continues to be an active contributor to the industry and latest research in the field, taking part in multiple research initiatives and grant projects, including the California Energy Commission (CEC) Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program and CASCADE ICT for Energy Efficient Airports project in Europe.

Offices are located in the United States (Headquarters, Research and Engineering), Argentina (Platform and Software Development), Dubai (Implementation and Support), and Italy (Regional Sales).

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