Ezenics Identifies $3.79M Annual Savings for CEC PIER Project

Ezenics identifies $3.79M in annual calculated savings for the California Energy Commission PIER Project

The Ezenics solution, deployed to 252 geographically-diverse locations retail locations in California with over 33M sqft and 16,480 pieces of equipment identified 27,754 issues for an annual calculated savings of $3,790,096.

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“The California Energy Commission (CEC) Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program-sponsored ‘Plug-n-Play Diagnostics & Optimization for Smart Buildings’ project aims to prove that low-cost, rapidly deployable multi-system AFDD technology can more effectively scale the benefits of commissioning and fault detection and diagnostics. Scalable, quick deployment of AFDD analytics will lead to faster adoption of the technology, enabling substantial reduction in carbon emissions and energy consumption and resulting in significant realized financial savings.”

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